Case Study // Victoria Station SW1

We have worked alongside Erith to advise on the demolition of a range of buildings to facilitate the construction of a the new ticket hall structures.

We have undertaken assessments of the strength and stability of structures to be demolished and retained. We have designed support structures over and around London Underground assets.
The largest structure to be demolished was Elliot House which spanned over the Allington Street. We designed the demolition scaffold screen as well as the spanning scaffold enclosure to facilitate the removal of the asbestos enclosure to the roof plant room. We supervised the load testing of the floors to assess the capacity of these to support plant, as well as assessing the temporary stability of the building during the demolition.

The most complex structure is that on Bressenden Place, whilst the building was relatively straightforward it spanned over a significant sewer and wrapped around a London Underground ventilation structure. We have developed a method and supporting platforms for the partial demolition of this ventilation structure without impeding it’s ventilation performance.

The second phase of works is about to start and this involves further challenges including building a temporary roof over the exposed District & Circle lines to facilitate demolition of a building over these.