Swanton Consulting Provides Engineering Support for Killingholme Station Blow Down

Erith Group, parent company of Swanton Consulting Ltd, has carried out the controlled demolition, using explosive techniques, of three heat recovery steam generators, their chimneys and drum houses at Killingholme A Power station.

The heat recovery steam generators and their iconic 70-metre tall white chimneys have overlooked the Humber estuary towards the City of Hull since 1994. They were constructed from a steel framed superstructure base, supporting top hung boilers, chimneys and a substantial drum house.

Swanton provided engineering support to Erith Contractors to enable its controlled blow down. We created a complex 3D model to assess the sequential effect of pre-weakening works on the 5000-tonne steel superstructure. Our model incorporated almost 4000 individual elements which allowed us to accurately predict the lateral deflection the structure would undergo, and helped develop a sensitive movement monitoring system which was a first of its kind to be used when preparing structures for demolition by explosives that we are aware of.

We also created a collapse model which helped the client visualise the direction of fall, as well as the intended sequencing of explosive kicks at the base of the structure.