“The feedback received for the past two days TWS/TWC training delivery with Andrew was outstanding! Our management team were really impressed with all aspects of the course and, in addition to the few on the waiting list we had, we now have an increased demand for this!”

– Training Manager at Walker Construction

Temporary Works are an important and integral part of most construction projects and as such, the correct implementation of methods, designs, and procedures as set out in BS 5975 is an important part of any successful project. At Swanton, we believe that the competence of individuals in delivering outstanding and safe projects is fundamental and training a key element.

Swanton Consulting can assist clients in achieving project success. We deliver training for construction professionals and help raise their competence levels. We can provide opportunities for staff to develop their skills with resulting benefits to project delivery and business improvement.


Swanton Consulting provides numerous courses which equip our clients with the necessary skills to be successful within the construction industry.

The courses Swanton provides are all aimed practically at construction site professionals and the typical issues that they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Where possible, we obtain client temporary works procedures to ensure that review and discussion is incorporated within the course. This enables the course to be catered to each client’s business. Open discussion is encouraged within the learning group, allowing learners to benefit from each other’s experiences.

Temporary Works Coordinator (TWC), Temporary Works Supervisor (TWS) and General Awareness

Temporary Works Coordinator

This course is aimed at those who have been nominated by their company to act as TWC. These individuals will often have engineering qualifications or site experience of temporary works, or both. The course is also relevant to those who have been nominated to act as Temporary Works Supervisors and who may, in due course, act as Temporary Works Coordinators.

The contents of the course are based on the recommendations of the Temporary Works forum, and include an exploration of relevant legislation and best practice as outlined by BS5975; consideration of the nature of temporary works and associated risks; analysis of failures; the use of a case study to illustrate aspects of the role.

Temporary Works Supervisor

Temporary Works Supervisors (TWSs) can be appointed by subcontractors to manage their temporary works or by main contractors to support the TWC on a large project. The purpose of this course is to outline the role of the Temporary Works Supervisor (TWS) as described by BS5975. It is aimed at those who have site experience of temporary works.

The course covers relevant legislation and best practice as outlined by BS5975, analyses the causes of failures and explores the way in which the role of the TWS supports that of the TWC.

Joint TWC and TWS Course Option

Swanton Consulting have developed a joint Temporary Works Coordinator and Supervisor course. This allows a client group of Temporary Works staff to attend a joint course. Temporary Works Supervisors and Coordinators attend the first day. Temporary Works Coordinators continue onto the second day.

Temporary Works General Awareness

This course is in addition to the Temporary Works Coordinator and Temporary Works Supervisor training courses and is designed to provide training for those involved in the temporary works process but who are not undertaking the role of Temporary Works Co-ordinator or Supervisor as defined in BS5975:2008 + A1:2011. The course assumes limited or no detailed previous knowledge of temporary works.

The rationale for the Temporary Works General Awareness Training Course is to:

  • Raise awareness and impart knowledge of what constitutes temporary works, how they are used, their safety critical importance, common temporary works issues and the temporary works management process.
  • Raise awareness of the roles and responsibilities involved in the temporary works process.
  • Raise standards and improve knowledge which could be applied across industry, and accepted with confidence.
  • Allow a transferable knowledge base between employers, thus avoiding unnecessary supplementary training.

Attendance does not confer competency as a Temporary Works Co-ordinator or Supervisor but is for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The course also gives emphasis on updating delegates on the latest publications and issues relating to temporary works.

For further information on our courses please contact us at:

Cskills is the awarding body for the CITB and Swanton Consulting are Cskill registered for both the TWC, TWS and General Appreciation courses. Those being awarded a pass following the course will gain certification for a nationally recognised course. Clients and contractors accept this course as a recognised qualification in temporary works training. There is a choice of either having a Cskill or non-Cskill course, depending upon client preference.

Bespoke Courses
Swanton also provides bespoke courses at the client’s premises. The venue would need to sufficiently facilitate twelve delegates. Refreshments and lunch will be provided to suit client requirements and are not included within the fee.
Public Courses
We organise public courses at various locations depending upon demand. Please contact us for further details.

Swanton tutors are Chartered Civil Engineers with design and site experience. They are also approved by Cskills having Preparation for Training in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) qualifications.

We have delegates from a number of client organisations including:
– J F Hunt Demolition
– Anderson Group
– Elliott Thomas Group
– National Demolition Training Group
– J P Dunn Construction
– Brown and Mason Limited
– McGee Group
– C & D Consultancy

Delegate Comments and Feedback
We obtain anonymous feedback from all delegates attending our courses. Below are some of the comments received:
– ‘Well presented course’
– ‘Friendly, easy to get along with’
– ‘Good course’
– ‘Understanding of the role greatly improved and can relate it to – activities on site and for future works’
– ‘I thought the course was well laid out and I learnt a lot from it’
– ‘I genuinely found the course very interesting and well presented’
– ‘I found the course helped me come out of myself’
– ‘Just keep the fun elements in it’
– ‘[I] have come away from it feeling confident of being able to manage the role expected’
– ‘Good course. Repeating important things definitely helps’
– ‘Presentation style certainly lends to a good learning environment’
– ‘Program is well structured and follow the notes provided by Swanton Consulting’
– ‘The course was well delivered by a knowledgeable tutor who was able to adapt the flexible course content to align with questions from the delegates keeping the course flowing.’